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Customer Feedback

Here’s what our customers are saying about their Charlie Dog® men’s boxer purchases:

  • “Got my Dogs today. Fabulous! They feel out of the package like they’ve been washed a couple dozen times. Very soft, not stiff and starchy at all. I may end up ordering a couple pair for my wife too. She likes wearing boxers if they’re comfy.”
  • “Wow! The most comfortable boxers I’ve ever worn. Great fabric, great fit, great boxers!”
  • “I got my boxers yesterday. They’re a great fit and the fabric is really high quality.”
  • “Really soft. I’ll be buying more.”
  • “My wife loves the Dogs I got her and I love mine, really comfortable.”
  • “Got my Charlie Dogs – awesome. A great gift for the man in my life – great selection too.”
  • “I love the boxers! My husband is going to love them too. I really like the cute packaging, your story on the package is so great!!!”
  • “My boyfriend loved the boxers and I love how he looks in them. I’ll be ordering another pair for him soon.”
  • “I got some boxers for my husband and ended up ordering a pair for myself since they’re so comfy, I sleep in them. One of my co-workers bought a pair for her son for Christmas. She bought the ‘Aaron’ since that’s his name. Great boxers.”
  • “The first thing I noticed was that they didn’t smell chemically right out of the package, which I liked. The fabric felt so natural and clean right from the start.”
  • “I bought some for my husband and I like them a lot, I’ll be buying more for Christmas presents. I’m keeping a pair for myself for lounging in. I like the patterns a lot, very classy.”
  • “We just got the adorable package of Charlie Dog boxers. All I can say is WOW! My husband really liked them and wore them with his suit all day. The size was perfect. The boxers fit him so well, look adorable, and are clearly the most high-quality boxers he’s ever worn.”
  • “The boxers are great. I love the fabric and finish – they’re really nice.”

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