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What Makes Our Men’s Boxer Shorts Special?

Pima Perfect Boxers

While many things make Charlie Dog® men’s boxer shorts special, one stands out above the others: our fabric. In developing our boxers, we focused on finding the perfect cotton that combined the ideal level of softness and “broken-in” casualness.

We worked with fabric mills around the world for months before finally locating our boxer manufacturer in Peru. We immediately knew that its exceptional 100% pima cotton shirting material, dyed using only certified eco-friendly dyes, was perfect for our premium men’s boxer shorts.

Double the Strands, Double the Softness

Most cotton fabric is made from single strands of fiber measuring an inch or less long that are spun together to make a thread. Our boxer shorts’ 2-ply Peruvian pima cotton fabric is made by twisting together two single strands of 1 3/8” extra-long staple cotton fibers and spinning that double strand again to make an ultra-fine yarn.

Peruvian pima cotton’s extra-long fibers and even thread properties produce fabric with unparalleled softness, strength, and sheen that celebrated international fashion designers use in making their garments. Peruvians call their pima cotton “gamuza,” which means “suede” in Spanish, because of its soft, silky feel and bright luster.

Exceptional Supplier = Exceptional Boxers

CDBC’s supplier is as exceptional a company as the premium men’s boxer shorts it makes for us. It’s one of the largest pima cotton producers in Peru, with eight facilities situated along the Peruvian coast:

  • 4 cotton gins
  • 3 spinning mills
  • 1 integrated plant (where it performs each step in the manufacturing process, from spinning the yarn to weaving the fabric to constructing the garments)

Because of its prominence in the region, our supplier has unparalleled access to the local cotton farmers. That means it gets first choice of the best extra-long staple raw cotton the market has to offer. That unique access, coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities and quality control systems, allows our supplier to meet our demanding comfort and quality standards.

Our pima cotton is cultivated in the ideal growing conditions of Peru’s Northern coastal valleys, with their rich soil that soaks up just the right moisture at near-perfect equatorial temperatures. Peruvian pima cotton is harvested by hand, allowing for a purer shade of white fibers that our supplier can easily dye with its certified eco-friendly dyes. Cotton harvested by machine leaves scratchy impurities that affect the fibers’ smoothness and leaves them with an inferior yellowish cast.

Creating the Perfect “Broken-In” Boxer Shorts

CDBC goes an extra step to achieve the ideal level of comfort and style we’re so proud of: Our supplier uses an environmentally-friendly, non-chemical softening process to give our men’s boxers their signature “broken-in” look and feel. We’re so confident in our combination of luxurious pima cotton and gentle softening process that we’re able to guarantee that a Charlie Dog boxer will be any guy’s instant favorite!

Our premium men’s boxer shorts might cost a bit more, but because they get softer with each washing while remaining durable enough to last for years, they’re worth it. In the unlikely event you don’t agree, no need to worry – given our unprecedented, no-questions-asked Money-Back Comfort Guarantee, buying a pair of Charlie Dog boxer shorts is a no-risk proposition.

With luxurious 100% Peruvian pima cotton boxers as comfortable and stylish as ours, what are you waiting for? GET YOUR DOGS ON®!

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