Charlie Dog Boxer Company

  • CDBC Featured in Westport Magazine, On News Stands Now!

    September 4th, 2012

    Today’s another great day here at CDBC. The beautiful Westport Magazine featured CDBC in a 2-page article in its September/October issue, available now on news stands throughout Connecticut with the loan calculator included. An added bonus: a shout out on the cover! I’m thrilled to be able to introduce Charlie Dog boxers to more people here in Connecticut:


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  • Today’s the First Day of the “Get Charlie to Cali” Challenge!

    August 14th, 2012

    Today’s a fun day here at CDBC – the launch of the “Get Charlie to Cali” Challenge. Although luxury retailers from Massachusetts to Tennessee and everywhere in between are carrying Charlie Dog boxers, we have yet to have any retailers in California pick up the line. That has to change.

    In an effort to “Get Charlie to Cali,” we’ve placed the 10 cards below at various places throughout Connecticut. Anyone who finds a card can take it with them and, if they’re heading west, leave it where someone else can pick it up and take it with them as they travel west. If enough people take the card west, eventually Charlie will make it to California!

    So if you’re a CDBC fan and live in Connecticut, keep your eyes open for one of these 10 cards. The first three people to submit a photo of the card taken at a California location can claim a free pair of Charlie Dog boxers of their choice. Send the photo to

    You can track Charlie’s progress as he moves across the country on Twitter using the hash tag #getcharlietocali, or check back here – we’ll update Charlie’s travels here on the blog.

    Here’s hoping Charlie makes it to beautiful Cali soon!


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