Charlie Dog Boxer Company

About CDBC

I created Charlie Dog Boxer Company with a single goal in mind: providing men with the softest, most comfortable boxer shorts they’ve ever worn – dare we say so comfortable they might forget they’re wearing any at all!

Like many women, I’ve always enjoyed buying cute boxer shorts in whimsical colors and patterns for the man in my life. Let’s face it, they benefit the viewer as much as the wearer – every guy looks sexy in a great-fitting pair of boxer shorts!

But at some point I kept coming across the same stiff, scratchy, uncomfortable fabrics and uninspired patterns and I knew there had to be a better option. And that option arrived in the form of a striped button-down shirt my husband bought a couple years ago that instantly became his favorite.

Pima Perfection

The shirt’s uber-soft, 2-ply 100s cotton fabric gave it a perfectly relaxed look and broken-in texture my husband loved. I knew immediately that the buttery-soft cotton “shirting” material would be perfect for men’s boxer shorts with serious laid-back comfort and loads of style.

After working with fabric mills from Singapore to Poland to Peru to find the finest pima cotton combining the broken-in casualness and luxurious softness I sought, I designed a pattern and had samples sewn, contracted with a highly-regarded manufacturer and, soon enough, Charlie Dog Boxer Company was up and running. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who, you might ask, is Charlie?

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