Charlie Dog Boxer Company

Who is Charlie?

Shortly after I got married in June 2007, my husband surprised me with a wonderful wedding gift – a 7-pound, 9-week-old mini apricot Labradoodle we named Charlie.

We fell madly in love with Charlie, who charmed us with his non-stop antics. He was the perfect addition to our brand new family.

Sadly though, as two busy lawyers working hectic hours, we quickly realized that it wasn’t any fun for a puppy to spend large chunks of each workday at home by himself. After agonizing over what to do, we decided that the most loving solution was to find Charlie a home where he would have canine friends to play with and a stay-at-home mom and dad for constant companionship.

And so it was that we found ourselves on a snowy January day in 2008, with very heavy hearts, on a plane from Connecticut to Oregon to introduce Charlie to his new mom, dad, and soon-to-be best friend, Lucy the black Lab. Charlie’s new home sits on three acres, and he and Lucy spend their days playing chase and splashing in the river with their dog friends.

We’re relieved to know that Charlie is enjoying a life that’s richer than the one our busy schedules allowed us to give him.  But we still miss Charlie every day, and Charlie Dog Boxer Company is an homage to my beloved Charlie Dog – the sweetest, most lovable apricot mini Labradoodle you could ever hope to meet.

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