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Your Purchase Helps Needy Animals

Here at Charlie Dog Boxer Company, making our human customers happy isn’t the only thing we’re passionate about – we’re concerned with helping our needy animal friends as well. Nothing bothers us more than seeing helpless, frightened animals left to fend for themselves or abused by those who are supposed to care for them.

That’s why we’re so proud of our Charlie Dog® 5% Pledge – CDBC’s commitment to donate 5% of its net profits directly to national and local animal welfare organizations.

So when you buy from CDBC, you can feel good that not only are you getting a great-fitting, stylish pair of men’s boxer shorts to enjoy, you’re helping abused and neglected dogs, cats, and other animals get the care and attention they deserve in the process. All the more reason to GET YOUR DOGS ON®!

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Your purchase helps needy animals

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